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Ünik Nutraceuticals products are formulated with the most innovative ingredients. They contain pure Astaxanthin of high absorption to give elasticity to your tendons, providing anti-inflammatory properties. Collagen peptides, also present in all our products and designed under an aminogram that offers the right ratio for joint recovery. AKBA, present in Ünik Articulations and Ünik Sport, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory to help tolerate pain, improve rest and recovery.

Below is detailed information on some of them. If you are a professional and you want complete information about all our ingredients, do not hesitate to register through the form below to receive our medical catalog.


Astaxanthin is a carotene of the xanthophyll family. Humans cannot synthesize it, therefore, it must be obtained through foods such as salmon, lobsters, shrimp, shrimp, trout, sea bream, and fish roe, among others.

The main source of is the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae Haematococcus pluvialisfrom which the natural form of Astaxanthin Ester (80%) and Pure Astaxanthin isomers (5%) are obtained together with other natural carotenoids. The most beneficial form, as it is more bioavailable, is the ester-free form. Therefore, the microalgae biomass is purified by CO2 extraction at high pressure to obtain AstaMarine® (Pure Natural Astaxanthin), which is then microencapsulated to obtain oxygen stability. Other sources of astaxanthin are the yeast Phaffia rhodozyma or the fungus Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous (which are usually esters). Most astaxanthins are marketed in a fatty format, which is more economical, where the low-absorption ester form predominates and is dependent on a fatty diet.1-2

Astaxanthin has a great antioxidant antioxidant3 and an interesting anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory4-5 in preserving the essential structures and redox sensitivity of human lymphocytes, which is deduced by the reduction of the production of O2-/H2O2 and the induction of catalase and superoxide dismutase activity in parallel, lowering the rates of oxidative damage in lipids and proteins.5.

Astaxanthin esters require a high concentration of fat in the diet to maximize absorption in the intestine.1-2.
AstaMarine® is a highly bioavailable Pure Natural Astaxanthin that does not require high-fat does not require high fat diets for absorption for absorption like other carotenoids or xanthophylls.3.


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Hyaluronic Acid (HA)1 is a glycosaminoglycan, a type offunctional and structural biomolecule, present mainly in theconnective, epithelial and bone tissue, as well as in the intercellular medium . A polysaccharide with a high molecular weight, being very viscous in water. The human body contains and synthesizes it naturally, as this fluid is the responsible for the viscoelastic quality of the synovial fluid andacts as lubricant and shock absorber of thejoints2.

In OA, the HA layer in the joint becomes thinner because the synovial fluid contains a lower concentration of this glycosaminoglycan. Theclassic therapies are not able to stop the degeneration process of the cartilage nor do they promote tissue repair. In contrast, the external introduction of HA can enhance the synthesis of this product by chondrocytes, prevent cartilage degradation and promote tissueregeneration6. Furthermore, it has been shown in several studies that the administration of HA by infiltration as well as orally7 alleviates the symptoms of OA8, especially in the knee9. This is because it can reduce the production of proinflammatory mediators and matrix metalloproteinases involved in OA, thus reducing the sensitivity associated with OA pain.

A new therapy is the infiltration infiltration of liquid Chitosan liquid implant (KioMedineVSOne), which acts as a synovial liquid that is not absorbed, has antioxidant effectsantioxidant effects on the joint and can be effective for Grades III and IV on the KL scale. It can be a solution in difficult cases or as a pre-prosthetic treatment to maintain the joint with some activity for a few months.


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It has been studied on several occasions that supplementation with certain collagen-rich collagen peptides rich in elastin, elastin Elastin, a connective tissue protein with structural functions that confers elasticity to tissues and a high molecular weight polymer with a high capacity for expansion reminiscent of a rubber band. These elastin fibers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity, elasticity, and mechanical properties of articular cartilage1reduces catabolic processesindicated by a decrease in inflammatory cytokines and proteases in chondrocytes. It has also been shown in several studies that the administration of peptides collagen peptides over a given period of time. It has a clear has a clear beneficial effect on pain, stiffness and joint function in patients with in patients with mild knee OA. Since they are very safe products with no side effects, they are a very valuable alternative for the treatment of OA symptoms.

Many companies commercialize collagen, of many types and origins. In ÜNIK NUTRACEUTICALSwe work with hydrolyzed porcine collagen peptides and amino acids where the whole aminogram is guaranteed in the Food Supplement. The correct proportion of these peptides combined with the amino acids guarantee the adequate and specially formulated functionality for the treatment of OA in the different degrees of the disease.

A different peptide formulation has also been developed. ÜNIK Sport peptides has also been developed for patients who practice sports and may manifest varying degrees of OA or must prevent the first symptoms in order to continue practicing their favorite sport.


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Iron mineral absorption1-3 (Fe), Magnesium4-5 (Mg), Zinc6-8 (Zn), Calcium9 (Ca) in its form of Pure chelate is offering results in bioavailability that cannot be compared with the usual inorganic (and even some organic) mineral salts, which are usually more commercial and economical. Nowadays, we are looking for effectiveness in Dietary Supplements of minerals, thus, the Bisglycinates Bisglycinates are considered the growing and most suitable form for supplementation programs for treatments such as OA and Osteoporosis and Osteoporosis due to their high bioavailability.10stability and safety11.

Chelated minerals avoid interactions12 with vitamins and do not cause stomach problems or gastric irritation as they do not dissociate at stomach pH. As the cyclic C-M-C bonds of the chelate are not broken, they do not react with other ingredients. The action of bile acids in the intestine is necessary to initiate the release of the metallic cations:Fe2+,Mg2+,Zn2+ andCa2+ and the amino acids L-Glycine which are part of the molecular structure. The breaking of the C-M-C bonds takes time, which delays the absorption of the free metals and the amino acid L-Glycine occurs at the end of the small intestine where there is little competition with other actives. This favors high absorption and therefore high bioavailability.

Chelated minerals are gradually displacing the use of classical mineral salts. Medicine has begun to use these new sources, proving by clinical diagnosis their high efficacy in patients.


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